Stained Glass Tropical Fish Suncatcher Designs
Handcrafted tropical fish stained glass sun catchers in exciting colors

You will appreciate these artistic tropical fish stained glass sun catcher designs. Notice the bright, tropical stained glass colors used in this  window art.  Think about how these suncatchers will be the center of attention in your tropical home decorating scheme. The sun catchers are ready for hanging in any window you choose. Amaze your guests with your taste in interior decorating. A wonderful gift idea, as well. 

Each suncatcher is hand made with individually hand cut pieces of various colors of stained glass, wrapped in copper foil and carefully fitted together. Solder is applied and then a final touch of very decorative solder work, just puts "the icing on the cake". You will marvel at the workmanship of our stained glass sun catchers.


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Fine quality American made stained glass is used in the creating of these unique tropical fish sun catchers. Each individual piece of glass in the design is carefully hand cut and ground to assure it fitting perfectly into place. The Tiffany copper foil technique is used in the soldering of the multiple pieces of glass together. Each tropical fish suncatcher is finished with very attractive decorative hand soldering work. It is then polished to perfection. A chain is attached to hang your new treasure in your home. A wonderful addition to your tropical home décor.

A tropical fish suncatcher would be an appreciated gift to a friend or loved one or just because you want to treat yourself. 

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